Created in Australia, Paula B Jewellery was born with the intention to inspire and bring joy into womens everyday lives though affordable yet elevated jewellery and accessories. 

Paula B Jewellery aims to provide pieces that are as unique as you are, creating a world of possibilities through texture, colour, and materials. Our pieces are meant to bring individuality and confidence. They can be styled, stacked, and layered in countless ways. 

Our mission is to bring brilliantly affordable, on-trend jewellery and accessories to the WORLD. Working closely with our talented jewellers, we ensure high-quality practice and ethical standards. This way, we remain committed to continually improving your Paula B experience.

"I’m incredibly proud that we are committed to making small improvements every day and put so much love, thougt and effort into every part of the process. Each Paula B piece is created with the highest quality and thought in mind to bring confidence and style to womens everyday lives."


Founder & Director

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